Lopesan Hotel promotes the innovation in Switzerland | Think In Innovation by Lopesan

Lopesan Hotel promotes the innovation in Switzerland

He group Lopesan has participated in the table round Sustainable Innovation in Hospitality, that has gathered to important representatives of the sector hotel in an of them schools of hospitality more important of the world, Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne, that is located in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Oscar Herrera, director corporate of systems and communications of the group hotel, was the Manager of present the case of success of the model of innovation implanted in the Group Lopesan, always to the forefront in it improves of its services.

Herrera also highlighted the important role played by the networks as a means of marketing, as well as the partnership of the company with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which has developed projects to introduce students to the culture of innovation as Think In Innovation, a contest in which Lopesan rewarded the bright ideas and the innovation capability of University students and employees to contribute to improving the business quality through the use of technologies. This contest, that provides celebrate its fifth edition the next month of November, is a great opportunity for their contestants, that form part in the creation and development of projects that provide value to the company.

During his speech also exhibited some projects carried out under the umbrella Lopesan Connect, that respond to the requests of the Millennials, a new generation of customers strongly linked to digital technology, especially to your mobile phone, seeking new experiences on his travels. Access to wifi at any point geographical island where there is coverage 3g or 4g, with the connectivity service “Mobile Internet Access”, the implementation of the 4g in hotels, the adaptation of its mobile web and application of reservations of rooms available in English, German and Spanish, are some of the services that allow total connectivity of Millennials during your stay at the Lopesan Hotels.

Herrera also noted that “provide connectivity is equally important to offer authentic experiences that generate customer desire to share them on social networks. This allows the hotel and our brand to create an emotional connection with them, which can be enhanced through networks even after your holiday”.

After this first encounter Lopesan and the Swiss school “Ecole hoteliere Lausanne”, where currently more than 2,300 students from 90 different countries receive training, carry out collaborations in order to promote the exchange of knowledge.

Others representatives of large companies related with the hospitality that participated in the table round were the chef French and winner of several star Michelin, Anne Sophie Pic, the director general of the hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne, Alain Kropf, and the Vice President of operations of the hotels Hyatt, Frank Lavey.

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