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Lopesan Hotel Group first recognised with the seal in R & D Management

Last November, a new step was made in the bet of Lopesan Hotel Group for the management of research, development and innovation. Through its society, Lopesan Hotels Management has managed to add a certificate to our integrated management system, after successfully surpassing all the requirements demanded in the external audit carried out by Aenor.

The integrated management system includes compliance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) standard, OHSAS 18001 (Occupational risk prevention) and Une 166002 (r + D + I management), being the only hotel company that has A system of this kind and the first in Spain with the recognition of R & D + I awarded by Aenor.

The integrated management system of Lopesan Hotel Group allows:

  • Maintain quality standards, improving products and services, and ensuring customer satisfaction by seeking their loyalty.
  • Environmental protection, eliminating or minimizing negative impacts on the environment.
  • To reach the highest levels of workers ‘ safety and health, fostering a preventive culture.
  • To advance towards excellence in a system that is based on the principle of continuous improvement, especially when we integrate in our procedures the innovations and suggestions that emanate from our clients or our professionals.

His strong commitment to innovation puts the company under the strict standards of Spanish standards in research, development and innovation. With the certification obtained, Lopesan consolidates under a framework structure that allows him to generate internal innovations, betting on cooperation; and creating new projects involving employees, clients, collaborators and the university community, to improve the delivery of customer services and the company’s ways of working.

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