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He project is has developed mainly with the intention of improve the satisfaction of the customer through a service of reserves by advance, the term maximum of hours may be determined by which controls and manages this part of the hotel, the comfort of them customers will increase, and therefore l level of loyalty towards the chain Hotel Lopesan also it will make , and knowing that is a current problem occurring not only in Lopesan but in several hotels with this project would be innovation and differentiation in the market from the Lopesan, this not only possibly raise level of recommendations and but that the customer would feel “more considerate by Lopesan” they think “they are thinking we really” and therefore with this idea it would lower the level of complaints and increase satisfaction.

 Fundamental ideas:

  • Provides information at all times about the availability of the hammocks.
  • The hammocks can book a maximum of 3 hours, with a period of maximum use of two hours and a half beforehand.
  • Where there is use of the hammock in the first 30 minutes, this will be at the free disposal (yellow light)
  • The hammocks available to book will be represented by a green light
  • All hammocks already reserved, shall be represented by a red light.
  • There will be two areas differentiated of hammocks, a zone of hammocks for book (“area more privileged”), and another of hammocks of use “public”, i.e., not will make missing do book.

Customers can reserve the hammocks in two ways;

  • The first way will be through the smart screen, where customer you can complete the entire process of how telematics.
  • On the other hand to the less familiar with new technologies, there is the option to make the process through reception.

The implementation of this idea is held of form progressive, i.e., is will be with a low numbered of hammocks available for book, to mode of make a study of the feasibility of the idea.

They attached the prototype created and presented by the team in the Hackathon

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