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Veneguera international


Creation of a park that would give to the beauty of the nature of the Canary Islands, allowing sports related to nature and which revolved with the Canarian culture-related shows.

A park in which can walk in an environment natural (and another a little less natural), fun us, do sport, rest, discover… where is live experiences unique, where is recover activities craft, where is have myths and legends of the seven islands Canary. Mild climate, landscapes of great beauty, very abundant fruits and well-being for body and spirit… be these the Islands lucky?

In he is will respect the medium using energies renewable and is will help to the conservation of the values cultural.

In short, the visit forced all the step on our soil for being unique in its genre.


  • We offer various sports activities related to nature and high-level training
  • Park slides and play areas
  • Bird watching and Star

Marketing strategy

  • Veguera positioning as a destination for nature
  • Specialized tourism
  • Organization of events sports

We attached the presentation of the project for the Hackathon:

Veneguera International


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