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Veneguera 2016

Veneguera 2016 consists in create a group of experiences in different areas to reach to the greater public possible, and allow them develop sensations pleasurable to while is relax enjoy and wish to return another time, to create them bases for the market of agritourism and ecotourism.

To achieve this should undertake many works reforms and conditioning to provide comfort and safety for users.

The strategic points on the project are the following:

  • Creation of a desalination plant to double the production of fruit.
  • Expand the content of fruit easy to play and of great interest to the tourists.
  • Creation of a new brand commercial to sell them products.
  • Creation of a beekeeping farm.
  • Growing hydroponic of vegetables.
  • Water bottling plant.
  • Eco-tourism and sports in the area.

For more information attached is the submission of the project where specified the measures to be carried out for the correct development of the same and the video presentation of the project:

Veneguera 2016


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