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Underwater restaurant


Creation of an aquatic restaurant terrace with an exclusive underwater area in the new Marina of Lopesan Meloneras situated. “Why not have a restaurant on the sea?, I do not know another company better than Lopesan”


Is aims to diversify the offer of the Leisure and restoration of it chain Lopesan and for thus intensify its differentiation with the competition, since gives a layer of value to it experience Lopesan or to their accommodation. “It important not is to come, is that return”-Mcdonalds


Our target audience, would be profile Lopesan customers, men and women with business activities and any person who is willing to pay for the services. It could assist the restaurant, from internal clients themselves from the chains of Lopesan, golf course or own sports dock, as well as people outside the company.


Create an exclusive and unique in Gran Canaria restaurant and also that will become a reference point in the Canary Islands combining restoration and leisure in a same concept, creating an experience of leisure that motivates the tourist and the local public to enjoy it. In addition to generating employment in the sector, contributing to the incorporation of young professionals and being respectful with the environment, promoting an artificial habitat that provides value.

Then attached them underwater restaurant project exposed during the Hackathon presentation:

Underwater restaurant


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