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Hammocks Team


Currently in the hotels, exists a great problematic for them guests at the time of to choose a hammock to its taste, since in many occasions, there are people that is rise very early for take hammocks, and the guest that arrives something more afternoon to them areas of the pool not has option of to choose a hammock in a good position , or even not find hollow for all the guests in the room. Because of this, there are many complaints, especially in the reception area.


Provide to the user a tool with which can book a hammock according to the area that more than you like or that more is looks like to their demands. You can make your reservation from anywhere in the hotel, with your mobile device, or you can also do it from the points of access to the pools,


Types of guests can be defined on two types of clients, the user that is always connected, and which do not (which does not use technologies). The logged-in user can reserve your hammock from any of your devices, mobile tablet and even since the smart tv room. Not logged in user you can complete your booking in advance also from the smart tv, or access to the areas of the pools, have a few kiosks, where you can complete your booking, and then may have their reserved hammock. The logged-in user, to the already have a single reservation will have to embody in the kiosk to at the same time collecting the towel so tell him the check-in of the hammock. All that users need, well connected as he is not, your room card. When the user leaves it area of the pool, to the leave it towel, simply would have that pass it card for do the check-out of the hammock, so can stay free for the use of the same by another user.


  • Decrease of noise in reception.
  • Information on customers.
  • Reputation, satisfaction of the customer.
  • Innovation, pioneer
  • Future rewards, + sales.
  • Time reduced, using infrastructure that already has the company.
  • Minimum cost.

We then link you the equipment for the Hackathon presentation:

Hammocks Team


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