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Flow maps

The application of heat maps in hotels is an ideal tool to make decisions related to productivity and the efficient management of resources, and can avoid congestion in various parts of the hotel.

With the application of this tool could know what takes place in the interior of the hotel, how is moving them customers by the same, what areas visit more and what less, etc.

To have this information the heat maps show hot and cold areas identified by intuitive colors. This important representation us allows observe in what areas of the establishment show more interest them customers e trying to deduce why, taking decisions of way automatic crossing is with data referred to the hour, the climatology, the offer of leisure of the time, etc. For this, the best option studied is the application of some bracelets with technology RFID to get them data desired without verse affected the behavior of the client. 

The advantages offered by this system are perfectly scalable, however, for this project we have determined a few initial key factors that will allow us to justify the investment in such technology as opposed to the current (rooms cards). In addition, and naturally, we focused the project on the scope of the improvement in the management, however, we have managed to note an improvement in customer reporting great benefits with the use of this tool:

  • The advantages offered to the management:
    • Centralization of information in society Central Interhotelera, S.A with corresponding improvement in decision-making.
    • Interface perfectly integrated in the platform current of the Group 360.
    • Decision making based on real-time data perfectly viewable through flow maps and scorecard with indicators filterable.
    • Storage for a period of two years of such information for possible studies in the short, medium and long term.
    • Crossing of data between them collected at the Check-in and data external or internal to the Organization: meteorology, data of investment, expenditure and prices, etc.
    • Use of data based on the desired timing.
    • Possible to forecast the behavior of the client with the study of such data: studies by periods, cycles, etc.
  • The advantages offered to the customers:
    • System easy to use, no more lost cards and forgetfulness in the room.
    • Payment system linked to the credit card similar to the current card room.
    • Identification of the regime of accommodation in a range of colours.
    • Functionality as the key of room safely that it reports.
    • Option of having location information of minors or older people with a neurological problem.
    • Detection and prevention of possible accidents in danger areas such as kerbs of the swimming pool, with a notice the rescuer through the tablet by proximity of children without parental supervision.

If you want to see more information about the study we attached the report presented during the Hackathon here:

Development and delivery of the project


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