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Introduction and objective

Based on the project that includes “By not Using” our contribution to reduce energy expenditure in the rooms, and by extension in the hotel, projecting it to the head of the innovation and the development of a pointer in ecological and sustainable rooms.

The heart of our project was born of the need to address the feedback from our customers, since many feel that we are not enough commitment to the environment.

The challenge solution

Initially, we start from the need to reduce energy consumption, following Lopesan line in the commitment to the environment is concerned. Also and in views to what us acidic them years, each time we are more aware and seek the way of return to our origins and keep the contact with the nature.

By this is has created the concept corporate of a room ecological and at the same time smart that our customers may reserves, meet the needs of these customers active and committed with our mission.

Our clients, in addition to feeling covers your needs and environmental concerns, will be available in the form of different offers a series of discounts in our hotels, such as: discounts on future bookings, hotel among others products…

How we measure what so eco is the client? Using an application through which the client will have to absolute on consumption than in your room is done. Thanks to a points program that will award the excessive and unnecessary use of energy in the room. So against less energy consume more will help the environment, further savings will have the company and more advantages you can enjoy in our hotels.

“Core Value”

We know that is a product that could be, priori, difficult of carry to out by its development and implementation. But must of think that small gestures as them our van to raise awareness to many of our customers, because if something us represents and identifies is our desire of overcoming and carry to out large projects. Which better to preserve us to us themselves.


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