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16.1.5 THINK open BANNERS


If you are or have been a student of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands European University, Escoex, or École Hôtelière de Lausanne and also want to develop an innovative solution on some of the challenges that you launched with us, this is your chance. In the page main will find them challenges of different thematic and for all the taste in which can sign you.

In addition to the experience over the weekend in one of the precincts with the largest presence on the island, with all the necessary services in order to develop projects during the weekend (food, lodging, entertainment, etc.) and the transmission of knowledge from all participating agents (managers of the chain, staff, speakers, talks, etc.), is will award 4,000 euros to the best solutions to the challenges to be distributed among the members of the Group. The winning apps be chosen taking into account the impact and importance of the problem solved; creativity, innovation and the degree of finish achieved in the hackathon.

Each participant will have of all the material necessary for the development of its prototype and comfort during 36 hours of development in ExpoMeloneras (material, food, rest, leisure, etc.)

For more information on the contest, students of Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne can see the rules here:

Bases Open Lausanne


The deadline for submission of ideas to Ecole Hôtelière of Lausanne begins September 26th and ends on October 10th. INSCRIPTION PERIOD CLOSED.

For more information contact:  (Professor of Organizational Innovation and HRM)