-“We are satisfied that Lopesan is our ally in initiatives like this,” said José Regidor, rector of the ULPGC

-“Are convinced of that them companies and the University is need each other”, said Francisco Lopez, Advisor delegate and CEO of the Group Lopesan

-With Open Innovation, University students will have the opportunity to get a grant to develop their project within the Lopesan group

-Guest InTalent Innovation (employees of the Lopesan group) and Innovation (Lopesan customers) will be the other 2 modes in this edition

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, on April 29, 2014

Lopesan Hotel Group, and the ULPG have presented today Tuesday, the III contest Think in Innovation, which, in this new edition, in addition to being aimed at employees of the Lopesan group, joined students of the ULPGC, and customers who have stayed in hotels in the company in the year 2014. Them participants will have the opportunity of provide their ideas more creative to apply them to all them processes of the company that have capacity of improves or change.

The event, attended by rector of the ULPGC, Jose Regidor García, Managing Director and CEO of the Lopesan group, Francisco López, the corporate director of systems and communication of the Group Lopesan, Oscar Herrera, the Deputy General Manager of the University Foundation of Las Palmas, Gabián Palmés, and the Director of RR. HH. of the company hotel, Helena Marino.

This is the third year that Lopesan launches this competition, which on this occasion will be thematic area food and beverage, new technologies, product and service, environment and accommodation, and, in alliance with the ULPGC, aimed at fostering innovation, the company-University connection, and to involve their contestants of the creation and development of projects that add value to the company.

He counselor delegate of the Group Lopesan, Francisco Lopez, made emphasis in the strong bet by it innovation and it improves of the quality of them services from the company, that is conscious of its responsibility Social corporate. According to the Counselor delegate, “are convinced of that the companies and the University is need each other.” We believe in the training and in the qualification. We have undertaken a commitment to intense collaboration with the ULPGC that will allow the development of different r & d projects.”

This competition, which seeks the involvement of University workers and clients of the Lopesan services in the innovation processes, arises in this III Edition with three different modalities and the same intention: “reward good ideas internally and externally and well developed”, explained the corporate director of communications of the Lopesan group, Oscar Herrera and systems. Open Innovation (in coordination with the FULP of the ULPGC) is directed to students University in the last year of degrees, diplomas and engineering or that have completed their studies University in them two last years. Who get the first prize will receive a grant of 10 months to carry out his idea in the company, and the other participants will enter the draw for a stay for two at the hotel Lopesan Baobab Resort. The assessment will take place in two phases: the first, which will mean a 25%, will be made through the likes of the facebook page, Open Innovation, in which ideas of participants will go by publishing. The second, of the 75%, will be depending on the ratings of them Directors Corporate. The final phase will be face-to-face, with presentations of the ten best ideas, July 24, at a hotel in the chain.

With Guest Innovation, may participate any customer of the hotels of the group that is has hosted in 2014, and the winner will receive a stay of 7 days for two people in regime of half pension in the hotel Lopesan Costa Meloneras.

The last mode, InTalent Innovation, will be addressed to the workers of the Lopesan group, and will offer an IPAD RETINA WIFI 16GB, and among the other participants, a weekend at Hotel Baobab will be drawn.

Herrera, also noted that “it’s a business initiative, with support of the ULPGC, to attract and reward new ideas that help the excellence of our services, and contribute to our holding company become a benchmark business quality”.

Moreover, the rector of the ULPGC, José Regidor, congratulated University for his relationship with Lopesan, the first group of companies in the sector of tourism in the Canary Islands, which make possible the business development and entrepreneurship, in order to improve the business future. Encouraged to the rest of companies Canary to have the same spirit innovative and praised the initiative of Lopesan of closer ties with the University Gran Canaria. “We are changing the personality of the University, the student of today can be sold in the future,” said the rector of the ULPGC, which also argued that “it is no longer enough to have a good idea, as well as the know-how (know how), we need to know who (knowing with whom), and therefore we are very pleased that Lopesan is our ally in initiatives such as these”.

Finally, the vicegerent of FULP, Fabián Palmés, welcomed the initiative of Lopesan and described it as an “advantage” that allows to see Lopesan as a group open to challenges, so expressed his desire that “more firms to join projects like this”.