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Bracelet Lopesan

Since 2004 it has been developed and validated in different markets as are transport or telecommunications technology Near Field Communication (NFC, near field communication) and for about a year it is introducing in the hospitality industry.

This type of technology us allows a great number of possibilities between which is found all and each an of the functions of the cards magnetic. But they are made more intuitive and faster.

This possibility of localization of the customer would have a large number of alternatives, among which are:

  • Give the option to them parents of to place to his son in time real in them screens selecting the option of find to the lower and approached its MY press to this screen.
  • To adapt offer very quickly to the demand at each point of the hotel.
  • Suggest to the interact the customer with the screens of the hotel depending on their strip of age to activity or Bar of the hotel direct is.
  • Give the option of power monitor or place from a family to another person that suffer of alzheimer provided this is find inside the enclosure and if out of the same send a message to the mobile of the family.

For maximum use of this type of technology we must have an Enterprise system that is able to convert these data into useful information at the operational level and reduce the risk of the company at the strategic level.

Then we leave the presentation made to the event:

Bracelet Lopesan